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Here you get a small overview of our suppliers and producers. All of them have been selected according to certain criteria, such as sustainability, regionality and Fair Traid.

Wines, beers and liqueurs

Zollweghof: Historic winery in Lana
The Zollweghof above Lana at the entrance to the Ulten Valley was first mentioned in a document in 1346. 1935 the farm was taken over by the family - now in the 3rd generation - and today comprises 1.7 hectares of vineyards on steep south and south-east slopes. Since 1990, he has managed the vineyards, which reach up to 500 m above sea level, according to the biodynamic method and has converted 80% of them to PiWi vines. Zollweghof thus offers wines from the best new varieties of fungus-resistant grape varieties. In the 700-year-old cellar the white, red, rosé and sparkling wines mature, which the winegrower will gladly tell you more about during a guided tour.
Our products: Sparkling wine Rosé Swing, white wines Bronner, Pfiffikus, Goldraut, rosé wine Granat, red wines Unikum and Bonifazius, white wine Goldraut matured in amphorae, red wine Cuvé Braunsberg matured in barrique http://www.bioinsuedtirol.it/de/alles-bio/zollweghof/

Braunbach: Founded in 1991 by Hans Kleon, one of the pioneers in South Tyrolean wine and sparkling wine production, von Braunbach today stands for South Tyrolean sparkling wine enjoyment in particular, but also for excellent white and red wines produced in the renovated cellars of the Teutonic Order in Siebeneich. The perfect environment for balancing growth and maturity. http://braunbach.it/

Winery Bolzano: "Since the foundation of the Winery Bolzano in 2001, we have been committed as a traditional South Tyrolean winery to wines with selected quality and regional character. We offer our customers a wide range of first-class and award-winning wines. Our goal is to use the most modern cellar methods, technical know-how, decades of wine refinement testing and a great deal of love for the product to meet the highest quality standards and create first-class, unique and unmistakable wines. With a lot of passion and dedication we create nuanced, unique and modern wines that never let you forget their origin in taste". https://www.kellereibozen.com/

Messnerhof: The Messnerhof winery is a typical small family winery where three generations live their passion for wine with all their heart, collect and pass on their experiences and discover, experience and learn something new every day.
We only use grapes from our own vineyards for our wines. The vinification of the grapes into wine up to bottling and bottle storage takes place in the cellars at the company's headquarters in St. Peter.
From planting the vine to labelling the wine bottles, everything runs exclusively through our hands. If the quality is good, then that is our merit, if something goes wrong, we are just as responsible for it ourselves! http://messnerhof.net/messnerhof/

Heinrichshof: The Heinrichshof is one of the oldest wine farms in Bolzano. Its vines grow on blessed ground. Blessed Heinrich von Bozen, who was born at the Heinrichshof around 1250, is said to have worked in the vineyards of the farm as a young man. The church at the Heinrichshof is dedicated to him as patron saint of Bolzano.
Wine-growing has a centuries-old tradition in Bolzano, as does the history of the Heinrichshof cellars. In 2003, Georg Oberrauch renewed the farm and, thanks to a cellar completely integrated into the vineyard and the most modern cellar technology, made the production of exquisite quality wines possible. Since then, the wine from the Heinrichshof has been considered the top wine in the Bolzano basin. http://www.kellerei-heinrichshof.it/

Winery Rottensteiner: Founded in 1956 by Hans Rottensteiner, the main focus of the business was the sale of open wines to Switzerland. In the 80s his son Toni shifted to the marketing of bottled wines, and since 2001 he has been supported in this by grandson Hannes. From the very beginning, in addition to the grapes from the 10 hectares of vineyards owned by the family, those of about 60 local farmers have been processed. The close cooperation with them has existed for generations and is largely responsible for the good quality of the wines. In our products we deliberately focus on the varietal typicity of the wines, with a clear emphasis on the Bolzano Lagrein and St. Magdalener. https://www.rottensteiner-weine.com/

Antonius beer: brewed with water from the Sciliar, best ingredients and with a lot of passion and love! Available as pale filtered beer, the first South Tyrolean wheat beer, naturally cloudy cellar beer and a drinkable cyclist! Brewed according to the German Purity Law and NOT pasteurized http://www.antonius-bier.com/

Batzen Bräu: the city brewery in the centre of Bolzano
A big chapter of South Tyrolean brewing and beer culture: since its opening in 2012, Bolzano has had a city brewery with a large, beautiful beer garden and many attractions - and South Tyrol has a new beer, the Batzen Bräu. ...and here's how it's done: Batzen Hell, Batzen Dunkel, Batzen Weisse, Batzen Pils and all the beer delicacies are brewed by hand with the greatest care and love in the Batzen Bräu. If you want to know more, please ask one of the two brewmasters. http://www.batzen.it

Walcher: Old distillery tradition & environmentally friendly innovation
The Walcher Distillery is located in the largest contiguous eastern cultivation area in South Tyrol. "Here, in southern warmth with more than 280 days of sunshine per year and relatively cool nights, particularly tasty fruits thrive. We take advantage of the preferred natural location: Only fully ripe, healthy fruits, if possible from our region, become the raw materials for our schnapps, liqueurs, grappa or noble brandies." http://www.walcher.eu/de

Villa Laviosa: Enter this special place and let yourself be enchanted by the smells, the nuances of nature and the traditions of South Tyrol, which our historic house has absorbed over the centuries. The smell of ripe fruit, the variety of colours of aromatic herbs, the sounds of the forest, the whistling of birds of prey circling in the sky high above the Dolomites: All this is for us the soul of South Tyrol. And it is precisely this soul that is also reflected in our products, which are today appreciated and awarded prizes far beyond the borders of the country for their variety of aromas, strength of character and seductive note. The best reward for our patience and our efforts to achieve the best quality. https://www.villalaviosa.it/de

Food and spices

Bühlerhof: "Here, on the sunny Rittner plateau at 850 meters above sea level, fruits rich in vitamins, healthy vegetables, and aromatic herbs grow. These are cultivated and harvested with much love and great respect for nature. Natural and high-quality food is the result. And so there is a piece of home in each of our products." http://www.buehler-hof.it/

Schmiedhof: The Schmiedhof of the Prugger family is located at 1,200 m above Platt, in the Hinterpasseier. Judith and Reinhard Brugger grow various fruits and berries. Many Passeirers pick strawberries in summer and cook their own jams or just for eating. For many years they have been processing the fruits into fruit spreads and syrups. The fruit spreads are characterised by a high fruit content (70%). The high location favours the aroma of the fruits. They attach great importance to naturalness and quality in cultivation and processing. http://www.passeier.it/shop/hersteller-designer-detailview/hersteller/schmiedhof.html

Kräuterschlössel: A family business with a green thumb Here 4 generations of organic herbs and flowers for consumption and personal hygiene are grown and processed.
"Our herbs are grown according to organic guidelines, with love and passion. From spring to late autumn, all family members help in the glasshouse, the herb fields, with wild collections, in the processing rooms and in marketing, seven days a week. The "Kräuterschlössl" is our pride and joy and is something to be proud of. First of all, the bright sunny yellow of the exterior colour, a viewpoint from afar, the clean working, drying and storage rooms, the farm shop and the herb fields and show gardens". http://www.kraeuterschloessl.it/Kr%C3%A4uterschl%C3%B6ssl.html

Butcher's shop Alexander Holzner: "For me it is important to make the consumer aware that everything an animal gives us is valuable and precious.
In order to promote holistic marketing in times of consumer society, innovation and individuality are needed in South Tyrol. With its own signature, our butcher's shop is therefore breaking new ground in the field of organic and regional products. Following our motto "Meat and sausage from our land", we are always in close contact with our suppliers, trying to improve regional products, omitting additives and using almost entirely South Tyrolean meat. In addition, by training our customers and in projects with our partners, vocational schools and associations, we try to show solutions that go far beyond our daily business. http://www.lanaspeck.it/

Mein Beck: "Our breads are lucky to be born in this bakery, because here they are allowed to be what they are by nature: healthy and tasty! After all, they are made from only the best raw materials, are revitalized with Grander water, natural brine and purely vegetable fats are added. And they are NOT artificially "lifted" with preservatives to make them more attractive to you. That's why they are bread with "loaf" and soul!" https://www.meinbeck.com/

Eis.Werk.statt Hiesig: handcrafted ice cream made from fresh, local ingredients, without artificial colours, flavours, preservatives or hydrogenated fats. "Ice cream made with love" http://www.hiesig.it/

Eggerhof: "Free range hens are happy and their eggs are good and healthy."
Through species-appropriate animal husbandry, we guarantee the hens a stress-free life and at the same time a healthy and nutritious product for our consumers.
Our egg pasta: Healthy eggs can also be used to make high-quality egg pasta. Erich Gruber, a trained cook, has specialised in this craft and produces the best egg pasta in the pasta production company "Eggerhof". The ingredients are selected very carefully, using mainly free-range eggs and GMO-free durum wheat semolina. The addition of colourings and preservatives is deliberately avoided. http://www.eggerhof.it/de/index.html


Bergauf: A small group of people has come together to refine the valuable local raw material sheep wool and to give it the place it deserves. The decisive point for the foundation of the Ulten wool factory "BERGAUF" was to give people a piece of this nature and thereby support them in their well-being and health.
The product range also includes shoe insoles, seat pads, mobile phone covers with radiation protection, bags and backpacks... http://www.bergauf.it/bergauf/


Naturalia - Organic supermarket: Why buy "organic"?
You do yourself and the environment good: organic products are free of artificial, harmful substances, such as chemical pesticides. Fruit and vegetables have time to grow and are not "up-grown". Animals have plenty of space and no stress. Basically, they grow up the way our great-grandparents did before the intensification of agriculture. Have you seen many herds of cattle with calves in the past decades? If so, then probably only with organic farmers. With organic products, you can also be sure that you have done the best possible in your choice of food for climate protection. Through natural management and regional transport routes, organic farmers contribute to lower CO2 emissions. https://www.naturalia.it/home/

Foppa - food supplier: The history of the company Foppa GmbH begins in 1961, when Alfons Foppa acquires a farm in Zerman near Mogliano Veneto (TV). In the following year he bought the first laying hens, which he keeps partly in the older buildings and partly outside. The eggs are sold to wholesalers. In 1964, when Alfons Foppa was unable to sell all his eggs locally due to the quantity, he loaded 5000 eggs onto his FIAT 600 and brought them to South Tyrol, where he sold them to pastry shops, shops and inns. At this time an egg costs 15-20 lire. In 1966 the first employees, Josef Saltuari and Hermann Degasperi, join the company. The magazine is in Montan. A lot has changed since then. In the meantime, the supplier has over 3,000 products, many of them from South Tyrolean production, in its range and has 40 employees.
In 2016 Foppa joined the Climate Alliance 2025 and works, thanks to various measures and CO² compensation, climate-neutral. http://www.foppa.com/

Harpf - beverage wholesale: harpf is a trading company with a history of almost 100 years. The family has always been concerned with supplying the East of South Tyrol with the best goods. Traditionally, harpf is looking for exciting products in Italy and Central Europe and brings their culture, history and the special pleasure experience closer to the people of South Tyrol. harpf deliberately buys products where they find the best conditions and can fall back on decades of tradition in production. Beers, wines, distillates and, since 2012, also the best food again are our passion and we have dedicated ourselves to this passion completely. http://www.harpf.it/

Fruma - fruit and vegetable wholesale: "Preferably local! As far as the season permits, we supply our customers with regional products. The South Tyrolean quality is very much in demand. Besides, the shortest way is the best way.
For the sake of the environment: we always strive to operate economically and ecologically. For example, we obtain solar energy, use methane gas vehicles and offer our customers a recycling service for packaging material, which we then re-use or dispose of professionally.
For a fairer world: In order to be able to make a difference with the means available to us, we sometimes purchase pineapples and bananas from the so-called fair trade.
Social commitment: We donate products with minor blemishes, which are classified as defective goods by the eye of a critical observer, to charitable institutions. http://www.fruma.it/de/

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