Frequently asked questions

We have collected, answered and listed the most frequently asked questions for you. If your question is not listed, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are at your disposal for any request.


1. How much is a night?

a.    Prices vary according to season, size of the pitch and number of persons as well as age of the persons. Price lists are available at the reception, the current prices are shown on the information board and on the website.

2. Do we have to reserve a pitch in advance or can we arrive spontaneously?

a.    A reservation in advance is especially recommended for caravans and large caravans. For the main seasons such as Easter, Pentecost, Midsummer and September, many guests book well in advance, so we recommend that you at least call to check availability before you arrive spontaneously.

3. When may I arrive?

a.    You may arrive from 12.00 noon onwards. If you arrive early, please call to check if your place is available. We do not have any space for intermediate parking. As guests are allowed to stay on the pitches until 12 noon, we cannot guarantee earlier availability and in the worst case would have to send you away again.

4. May I postpone my departure until the afternoon?

a.    Yes, but only by request and you will be charged for the cost of an extra night.

5. How can you be found?

a.    If you leave Bolzano South, just follow the signs to the Bolzano Hospital. You will be directed to the MeBo highway for a short distance, which you will leave at the exit Eppan and drive again towards the hospital. If you are then on the Merano road, do NOT turn right at the traffic lights towards the hospital, but continue straight on until you reach the entrance to our campsite on the right-hand side of the road.

6. Do you have internet access?

a.    Yes, you can access the Internet wirelessly with your laptop via the W-LAN connection, which works throughout the campsite, simply by opening your web browser and then logging in with your first and last name and date of birth. The standard internet is free of charge, high-speed internet is available on payment in 1, 3 and 7 day packages. For cost reasons we can not give away the internet completely for free. But since 2017 data roaming has been opened throughout Europe, you can also use your own. 

8. Do you have rooms for rent?

a.    No, we only offer pitches for caravans, campers and tents.

9. Can we also pay by card?

a.    We gladly accept payment by EC card, Mastercard, Maestro, Visa and VPay.

10. Are you ADAC- ACSI- DCC- etc.? a. member?

a.    We are a contractual partner of the DCC, which means that you will receive a 10% discount on the person prices if you can show us your membership card.

b.    We have no other card discount systems.

11. How long is the barrier closed overnight?

a.    The barrier closes at 11 p.m. and opens again at 7 a.m. in the morning.

12. Where can we find sustainability in the square?

a.    Since 2017, we have been working to steer our campsite towards "sustainable tourism". Step by step we are approaching the different areas. You can find sustainability everywhere on the campsite. Starting with the fact that we are a 100% climate neutral company since 2016, we produce electricity and hot water with solar energy, we keep our purchasing criteria for shop and restaurant strictly regional, seasonal and fair, we do not sell drinks in plastic bottles or aluminium cans, we use certain areas to raise awareness for our guests, such as the Urban Gardening Lounge, our own bee colonies, the Learning Cellar with various events. Sustainability can also be found in small, inconspicuous items such as the compostable sundaes, paper napkins and dog excrement bags, the recycled toilet paper, water-saving taps and shower heads. In the reception, only recycled paper or apple paper is used, our prints are only sent by post if explicitly requested, all prints are printed climate neutral, and much, much more! For this we have already won awards such as the ADAC- Campingaward 2018 and were nominated for the Euregio Environmental Award.

13 Why are there no tastings courses in the summer?

a.    In spring and autumn we organise weekly learning tastings of various local producers. However, as these are mostly farmers who have a lot of work in the vineyards, alpine meadows and plantations in summer, we cannot offer tastings in the middle of summer (July and August).

14. Is there children's entertainment on the site?

a.    From the middle of July to the end of August the children's summer takes place from Mon-Fri from 9-11 am. Here guest children can play, do handicrafts, bake and much more. Participation is free of charge. During the Easter and Pentecost holidays there is no animation, because our dear summer interns go to school and there are neither Easter nor Pentecost holidays in Italy.

15 What are the opening hours of the swimming pool?

a.    The swimming pool is open from 8.00 to 20.00 for our guests. In case of wind, rain or cool weather we close the cover so that the heated water does not cool down. We are happy to open the cover if you do want to go into the water.

16. Do we need shower tokens for showering?

a.    No. The use of the showers is included in the price.

17. Are there wash booths?

a. In the bathrooms for ladies and gentlemen there are 2 single wash cabins each equipped with toilet, washbasin and shower. The handicapped accessible washing cubicle can also be reserved at the reception if required (by guests with disabilities).  

There is also a family bathroom with toilet, shower, baby/infant bathtub, washbasin and changing table.

18. Can I have a pitch without electricity?

19. The pitches on our campsite have electricity connections, the use of which is included in the price. Therefore, the price does not increase or decrease when you use or do not use electricity.

20. How many amperes of power does the electricity have on the pitches?

a.    The A and B pitches have a power output of 6A, the C and D pitches 16A.

21. Is the electricity included?

a.    The current on the A and B pitches with 6A is included. The C and D places with 16A are 6 kWh/n included, additional consumption is charged at 1,50Euro/ kWh.

22 How far are the corner pitches (A26 to B8) from the street?

a. The corner pitches have a distance of approx. 30-100 m to Meraner Straße.

24. How long in the season can I swim?

a.    Due to our solar heating and thermal cover at night we are able to keep the pool temperature above 20 degrees until the beginning - middle of October. Provided we do not experience sudden cold spells. In bad weather we leave the thermal cover closed so that the heat does not escape. If you still want to go swimming, ask the receptionist or the barman, they will be happy to open the pool for you.

25. What is the temperature of the pool?

a.    There is a board at the pool where the water temperature is displayed every day.

26. Are there rolls in the shop in the morning?

a.    Yes, the shop is open every day from 8 a. m. There are daily fresh bread rolls from the baker, croissants and daily newspapers.

27. Is it necessary to order bread in advance?

a.    No, it is not necessary to order bread, we have enough in stock in the shop. However, if you would like to buy an exceptional amount of bread, or if you would like to pick up the bread at a later hour, we will be happy to take your order for bread and possibly also for newspapers. Gluten-free bread rolls must be ordered in advance.

28 Why can't I buy drinks and water in plastic bottles at the campsite?

a.    Plastic waste on earth is one of the biggest environmental problems. To counteract this we have decided to stop selling plastic bottles. Drinks are available in glass bottles in the shop, water can be filled up as still (free of charge) or carbonated (50ct/litre) at the dispenser (between the refrigerator and the bread counter). Just bring your own bottle, otherwise you can buy bottles and rent them for a deposit.


29. Since when does this restaurant exist?

a.    Start of construction was in winter 2002, opening Easter 2003

30. Can you take food from the restaurant to the square?

a.    You are welcome to bring your own dishes to the pitch. Dishes from the restaurant will be lent against a deposit.

31. Do we have to reserve a table in the restaurant?

a.    We ask you to make a reservation for organisational reasons and to guarantee you a seat.

32. How long does the washing machine/dryer take for a course?

a.    A washing or drying course takes about 45 minutes.

33. Is entrance and exit the same street?

a.    Yes, but there are enough places to avoid oncoming traffic.

34. How long has Camping Moosbauer existed?

a.    For over 60 years. It was opened in 1957 by Lorenz Egger.

35. Can campers leave their backbag with you for a few days?

a.    Yes they can, the backbags are labelled with the name and then come into the boiler room, that is the blue door next to the entrance to the business magazine.

36. Can I get the museum card from you?

a.    No, we don't have the Museumscard, you can buy it either at the tourist office in Bolzano (on Walther Square) or in the museums themselves. This card is worthwhile from the second visit to a museum.

37. Does we also get the guest card from you?

a.    No, but we have in our shop the Mobilcart for 1, 3 or 7 days, which is worthwhile for frequent travellers.

38. Do you have a freezer for the cooling elements?

a. "Yes, you can leave the elements at the reception and we will cool them for you". Store in the freezer of the refrigerator in the business magazine (in a bag with the name)

39. Are the brochures free of charge at the reception?

a.    Yes, the guests can take all this information with them free of charge.

40. Where can I insert the postcards?

a.    Bring the postcards to the reception or throw them into the red mailbox between the reception and the business entrance.

Dogs and pets

40. Are dogs allowed on the course?

a.    Yes, dogs, cats and other small pets are welcome. Only in the small tent area, which we provide for pedestrians and cyclists from May to September, pets are not allowed for safety and space reasons. We kindly ask you to keep the dogs as calm and quiet as possible so that the other campers are not disturbed during their stay. Dogs must always be kept on a leash in the area. For the daily "small" and "big" business, the dogs must be escorted out of the camping area and the heap must be disposed of with bags in the provided waste bin. It is strictly forbidden to let the dog urinate on the site. It not only stinks, but also encourages other dogs to contribute theirs. Please help us to keep the place clean for children and other guests. For information on how to go for a walk, please ask the next question and ask at the reception.

b.    Dogs have to pay a separate price per night, cats and other small pets go free.

41. Where can I take my dog for a walk in the neighbourhood?

a.    Keep left at the camping exit and cross the road after about 50m. There you will come to an approx. 500m long path that leads to the traffic lights at the hospital.

b.    If you want to continue walking, turn right at the traffic lights into the field path, you can walk along this path with your dog until your dog is tired. Please make sure that the fruit growers do not like to see the dogs running directly into the vineyards and orchards.

c.    A list and map of the dog runs in Bolzano is available at the reception.

d.    Hike: If you walk uphill on the left side of the house at the small exit and turn right, after about 100 m you will reach a field path on the left side of the road (recognizable by a green barrier; marked with N), which leads up serpentine up to the Noafer (Buschenschank). NB. is closed from mid June to mid August.  Again, please make sure that your dog does not run directly into the vineyards. This walk is very strenuous (approx. 700 metres in altitude).

Bus connections Bozen and Meran

42. Do you have a bus route nearby?

a.    Yes, right at the entrance, on the opposite side of the road, there is a bus stop, from there there is a bus to Bozen (line Meran - Bozen) and to Meran (line Bozen - Meran; after Meran please use the bus stop on the street side of the entrance) every half hour.

43. Can we buy bus tickets?

a.    Included in the price for a stay on our camping site is also the BolzanoBozen Card, an advantage card for the during of your stay.

44. Is there also a bus that runs more often than every hour?

a.    Yes, at the hospital of Bolzano (about 10 min. walking distance), the city bus line 10B to Bolzano leaves every 15 min. (get on at the bus stop on the side of the hospital).

45. Do you have bus tickets to Merano?

a.    The Bolzano Bozen Card, the andvantage card for the during of your stay on our campsite inlcudes also the free use of the public transport. So you don't have to buy the tickets on the bus.

46. How much does a trip to Merano cost?

a.    The Bolzano Bozen Card, the andvantage card for the during of your stay on our campsite inlcudes also the free use of the public transport. So you don't have to buy the tickets on the bus.

47. Do the bus tickets have a time limit?

a.    The Bolzano Bozen Card, the andvantage card is valid for the during of your stay on our campsite.

b.    Time-limited tickets are available here in South Tyrol as Mobilcard you can buy those with 1, 3 or 7 days at the tourist information in the inner city.


48. How do I get into town by bike?

a.    You leave the campsite via the narrow exit at the main building and turn right along the road until you reach the crossroads in front of the hospital, from where the cycle path will take you to the centre (approx. 15 - 20 min).

b.    At the exit of the campsite turn left onto Meraner Straße until you reach the traffic lights. There you turn right into the vineyards and continue to the railway line. Turn left. Continue until you reach Sigmundskroner Str. (near the bridge), turn left and drive along this road for about 100 m on the left. Then turn right and follow the signs for the cycle path: After about 200 m, take a sharp right turn, cross the railway line and pass Sigmundskron Castle. Then turn in the direction of Bozen (approx. 20 - 25 min.).

49. Is there only the cycle path directly at the road?

a.    No, you can also take the cycle path along the Adige or Eisack river, see question 4b

50. Is there a bike rental around here somewhere?

51. We have a free city bike rental. E-mountainbikes and e-trackingbikes can be booked directly at E-Bike-Verleih Eppan. They will bring the e-bike directly to the campsite. You can book the rent directly here.

52. Do you have a bike shop nearby?

a.    Yes, in Reschenstraße, turn left before the bridge.

53. Can I also cycle to Merano?

54. yes, along the Adige river there is a pleasant cycle path, which is suitable for all ages, which leads to Merano (and is therefore part of the Adige Cycle Path from the Resia Pass to Trento) with a length of 28 km.


55. Where's the nearest supermarket?

a.    You can get the most necessary things here at the place in our shop.

b.    The nearest supermarket is located at the roundabout. Approx. 800m inwards towards the city.

c.    You will find another one on the way to the centre of Bolzano: At the first exit at the roundabout on the Grieserplatz after approx. 200m there is a supermarket on the left side.

d.    In the industrial zone of Bolzano, on the corner of Einstein-str./Pacinottistr. you will find the largest supermarket in Bolzano, right next to McDonalds.

e.    You will find the largest selection of fresh fruit and bread at the fruit market in the centre of Bolzano.

56. Where is the nearest cash dispenser?

a.    The nearest cash dispenser is located in the hospital of Bolzano

b.    Another one is located in Drususallee: after the intersection Drususallee/Reschenstraße continue for about 500 m towards the city centre, after the supermarket on the left hand side.

57. Where is the nearest pharmacy?

a.    In Reschenstraße, about 2 km from the campsite, the respective regular pharmacies can be asked at the reception. For the most common medicines there is also a small pharmacy directly at the hospital.

58. Where can I buy South Tyrolean apples here?

a.    On Sigmundskroner Straße, between the railway crossing and the roundabout (at the height of the Mendelhof) there is the building of a fruit cooperative, in which retail trade is also offered (which is otherwise not usual for fruit cooperatives).

b.    You can also get fresh South Tyrolean apples at the Bolzano fruit market, but they are more expensive there, as the fruit is sold through middlemen.

59. How far is it from here to downtown?

a.    The centre of Bolzano is 5 km from the campsite.

60. How many kilometres is it from here to the centre, to Meran, to Kaltern or Eppan?

a.    The distance from the campsite to the centre is about 5-6 km.

b.    From here to Meran it is about 25km

c.    From here to Kaltern it is about 10-15km

d.    From here to Eppan it is about 9km.

61. How do I get to the Alpe di Siusi?

a.    The road to the Alpe di Siusi is closed to traffic from 9.00 in the morning until 17.00 in the evening. The Alm itself can therefore only be reached by the Alpe di Siusi Railway (from Seis) or by bus.

The bottom station is located in Seis (Matschnsäge), from where the route with a length of about 4300 m leads to the top station Compatsch. If you take the cable car, you will overcome a difference in altitude of 800 m in 15 minutes. Right next to the valley station there is a spacious parking lot for cars and also for coaches. Parking here is free of charge. There is also a shuttle service available to take guests from Castelrotto, Fiè, Siusi and Panider-Sattel to the valley station of the Alpe di Siusi cable car.

62. Where can we have a good meal nearby?

a.    Right opposite the reception you will find the Moosbauer Restaurant with delicious combinations of South Tyrolean and Italian cuisine.

b.    In the centre of Bolzano: we recommend the "Batzenhäusl" with a house distillery and South Tyrolean cuisine.

c.    For the younger public: "Nadamas" at the fruit market with good international dishes at fair prices. At the same time also a cosy bar to simply have a drink.

63. Where is the nearest petrol station?

a.    If you drive out of the campsite and turn right onto Meraner Straße, you will reach a petrol station after about 200 m.

b.    On the way to the centre of Bolzano, if you turn left at the campsite exit, you will find a petrol station just after the next traffic lights on the left side of the road

64. What's the sound of gunfire?

a.    On the Moritzinger Weg towards the town, about 200 m from the campsite, there is a training area of the Italian military, whose shooting noises you can hear. The sport shooters shoot there in underground practice rooms, you cannot hear any noise from them.

65. Where is the entrance from the hike to Noafer (also Greifenstein Castle)?

a.    You have to walk about 200m along the Moritzingerweg, then you will see a green metal gate on the opposite (left) side. You have to open this gate and you are on your way to Noafer. (There is also a map and tour description in the reception).

b.    Directions Noafer: Direction Jenesien, after 5.5 km turn left into the tunnel to Glaning, 3.5 km further on until the entrance on the left side.

66. What is the name of the mountain range that you can see from here to the east?

a.    The mountain massif that you can see to the east is called Mendel.

67. What is the name of the castle that you can see from the swimming pool facing south?

a.    To the south you will see Sigmundskron Castle, where the famous mass protest of the South Tyroleans with the demand "Los von Trento" took place in 1957 and which today houses the Messner Mountain Museum.

68. Where can I park my camper in Bolzano?

a.    Unfortunately, there is an absolute parking ban for campers in the city of Bolzano. Parking is possible at the Bolzano Exhibition Centre, from where a bus or train will take you directly to the centre or at the motorway exit Bolzano South.

b.    At the car park Bolzano Central it is allowed to park motorhomes (without any kind of trailer). Motorhomes with a maximum height of 2m can be parked in the car park. Larger ones park in the corresponding bus parking lot and pay the bus fare accordingly. Access for motorhomes is via the Virglbrücke. Parking fees:

i.    10,00 € (<3 h)

ii.    14,00 € (< 6 h)

iii.    26,00 € (< 12 h)

iv.    40,00 € (day ticket)

About South Tyrol

69. When does apple blossoming in South Tyrol begin and when does it end?

a.    The apple blossom is at its best in the area around Bolzano from mid-April to the beginning of May. Then it "moves" north until about the middle of May.

70. How does it work with bilingual teaching?

a.    Every child who attends school here in South Tyrol is obliged to take part in the language lessons of the other language. From the first grade of primary school (i.e. from the age of 6), several hours per week are taught in the foreign language. At first, the children are naturally taught the linguistic basics, while in the higher levels of education, literature and culture of the other language group is finally taught. The second language is also a fixed examination subject.

71 Do you know what the weather will be like?

a.    Every day we open the current weather report at the reception or in the mini-market, from which further developments can be seen.

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