"In everything that you do, thinking things to the end, that is sustainability"
- a quore that triggers thought. At Moosbauer you will find a lot to do with sutainability. Always with plesure and relaxation as the utmost goal. 

...need a couple of example?

At Moosbauer we follow clear guidelines for purchasing, whether in the shop or for the restaurant. We focus on regional purchasing, an holistic processing of goods. Our urban gardening lounge invites you to relax. You can harvest from our grape tunnel and raised flower beds. Our activitys have been expanded to include movies about sustainability. Let yourself be inspired!

This ensures that you will always be able to learn something about South Tyrol and sustainability, even if you’re staying just one night.

At the moment most of courses, seminars and readings are held in German only.

Explore our website and build your own meaning about our learning concept. Have fun!

Mia & Klaus Egger 

0 emissions

We operate 100% climate neutral. You can find out exactly how we do this here...

Sustainable cuisine

The restaurant has become a main pillar in the range of services offered by our small campsite in recent years. The high quality of the goods, the efforts in kitchen and service have had a positive effect on the development. The cuisine has been regional and seasonal for a long time. It is time to take the next step on behalf of our mission. Our kitchen philosophy is:

"Back to former values - Back to the roots" can find out more here >>

Dispenser for sparkling or still water

What to do with the plastic bottles?
We want to give an answer with our water dispenser, which offers still water and sparkling water. Enclosed there will be nice bottles made of glass, aluminium, but also plastic, but for multiple use. We have thought for a long time whether we should remove the plastic bottle completely from our range. We have now dared this step. This packed with a coherent communication should encourage the guests to switch to reusable bottles, even for sparkling water.

Electric charging station


E-Mobility is one of the most important steps towards a new mobile future! We wanted to make our contribution by installing an electric charging station on our parking lot and making it available to our guests.

Urban Gardening Lounge

The first step was "guerrilla gardening". Activists planted flowers, fruits on traffic islands, in freely accessible flower beds or in any other green space they could get their hands on. "Bring nature back to the city" was the motto. Out of these initial but rather illegal activities a movement grew that can no longer be stopped. Meanwhile "City Gardening" or "Urban Gardening" are making the rounds as terms. What they all have in common is the desire to plant, care for and enjoy nature in as small a space as possible.
With our "Urban Gardening Lounge" we want to show how this can succeed and inspire our guests and invite them to recreate this at home.

Moosbauers bees

At the latest since the internationally known documentary "More Than Honey" many people have realized that the bee is more than just a small animal. The pollination of flowers is the basis for a large part of our food. But at the moment it does not have an easy stand. Toxins, mainly caused by pesticides and herbicides, damage the bee. With our "Moss farmer bees" we would like to draw attention to the importance and the work of the bees.


At the whole place all light sources were equipped with LED lamps.


When we started the sustainability concept in 2017, we didn't know how it would be received by guests and camping inspectors. We jumped in at the deep end and dared to take this step for our environment. All the more astonished we are about the great response we get from all sides. 

Thank you very much! 

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